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In our society, livestock plays a major role in meeting the nutritional, social and economic needs of families

However, these livestock have a direct impact on human health, as the health of livestock is linked to human health and well-being

It was necessary to look at animal health, which directly affects human health, as there are some diseases transmitted from animals to humans and the emergence of the term Zoonotic Diseases


Zoonotic Diseases:

Which refers to the transmission of diseases from animals to humans

 Zoonoses represent a major global threat to human public health. The presence of animal products Contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and Escherichia coli are responsible for increasing numbers of potentially fatal human foodborne infections.

Animal diseases are of great importance to human well-being, a cause of human disease, and as a factor in reducing the world's food potential

Influenza viruses circulating in animal farms periodically lead to human disease and In the Corona pandemic, we have a lesson, and before that, the bird flu, which can often have serious consequences


 Our Objective

from the point of view  Veterinary products are important tools in the prevention and control of animal diseases

atm pharmaceutical invested in veterinary products and believes in the principle of one health

 The 'One Health' principle summarized an idea that had been known for more than a century; that human health and animal health are interdependent and bound to the health of the ecosystems in which they exist.


Our Strategy

 ATM pharmaceuticals moving in two directions,

1-       To preserve animal nutrition and to take care of feed and feed supplements, as the company has a long history in this part.

2-       The other direction is veterinary medicine that treats animal diseases and preserves livestock with medicines

our veterinary medicine is divided to tow lines 

1- large nimal (theraputic ,feed additives)

2- Poultry line contain variation (theraputic,feed additives)

ATM is intrested in both lines especially poultery line as it represent ahuge percent of livestock 

We're always looking for new drugs and new trends in treatment of animal disease to ensure effective and sustainable animal disease control while minimizing risks to humans and animals Our pipeline in theraputic veterinary product for both lines  contains 

1-       Antibiotic

Wide range of broad spectrum antibiotic with different classes

Antihaemorrhagics (vitamins)

Which may be a result of Hypoprothrombinemia

2-       Broad-Spectrum Parasiticide

3-       Anthelmintics

4-       Antiprotozoal Agent


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