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ATM History

ATM was founded in 2007 as an Egyptian shareholder toll manufacturing company.

  • The primarily focus was on establishing the registration process of many molecules that covers different therapeutic classes mainly psychiatric products.
  • The pipeline was extended to include GIT, IM and Urology products.
  • The first product was launched to the market in Q3 2011.
  • The second and third products were launched in Q2 & Q4 2014.

By Jan-2020, Namaa Egypt for trading and agencies has become the main investor in ATM pharmaceuticals.

  • A new philosophy has been generated which aims to make a fusion between the three pharma companies (ATM, MAM, and NEMCO) to be the pharmaceutical sector of Namaa group.
  • A market research study was established to find the potential therapeutic areas for investment, this study resulted in enlarging the company pipeline with new molecules that will keep the company up to date and ready to deal with the changes in the market dynamics.
  • For the time being, the number of the launched products to the market has reached 7 products.

Namaa is a multi-disciplinary organization which has investments in different sectors.

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