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Board Message

ATM Pharmaceuticals is an Egyptian Generic Pharmaceutical company that is looking forward to investing in the healthcare sector. ATM is a company that upholds sustainability and puts ethics at the forefront of the business.

ATM’s policy is to be dedicated to serve and support both patients and our country’s healthcare system. ATM’s policy also highlights the importance of investing in human resources and to build a strong relationship between the company and the employees as we believe that they are the main driver of the business.

ATM’s board’s Philosophy is based on the following four dimensions:

1-     Community:

  • To provide high-quality products with affordable price.
  • To build a company heritage among community members as patient centric organization

2-     Healthcare Professionals:

  • To have a strong relationship with the healthcare professionals that is built on trust.

3-     Culture & Environment:

  • Establish strong efficient operating system with clear responsibility and accountability that motivates and encourages employees to enrich their skills.
  • Provide a suitable healthy environment to the employees to give them the needed support to do their best and to be able to have the work-life balance.
  • Attract and retain most admired talents in pharmaceutical field.

4-     Future:

  • We are aware that sustainability requires being up to date to keep the business growing and to be able to introduce all the new trends and innovations to our country’s healthcare system.

Our vision for the future is concluded on the following:

  • ATM has a very strong pipeline (114 SKUs) that covers wide range of therapeutic areas this pipeline is renewed frequently to match the market dynamics.
  • Investing in establishing one of the state of art pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility in Egypt within next five years.
  • Invading new markets by exporting Egyptian medicine to serve a wider sector of patients and at the same time enhance our country’s economy.

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