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Job Description:

1-Responsible for initiation and compliance with system SOPs
2-Manage the budget of R&D projects under her/his responsibilities.
3- Supervise the development of designated experimental trials-Formulation with an ability to design
an effective series of experiments aligned with validation of method development.
4- Provide supportive measures that indicate the success and performance of the developed
formulation and its process.
5- Review results from performed experimental trials and give opinion for further proceeding.
6-Supervising the trial batch study of the sample supplied by the vendor as an activity of vendor
qualification process.
7-Performing or supervising Pilot batches and share in Bio wavier, Bio equivalence and all related
studies with QA/QC/PD departments.
8-Supervising preparation of Pilot batches as per 425 and 645 ministerial decrees.
9-preparation and Review of Master Formula Card (MFC) and Master Packaging Card (MPC)
including processing and packaging instructions.
10-Reviewing of Batch Manufacturing Records, Batch Packaging Records and Validation Protocols.

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