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Imicin Injectable solution

Veterinary Drugs

Imicin Injectable solution

Active Ingredient

Imidocarb dipropionate 120 mg


Antiprotozoal agent

Market Name



Dosage Form

Injectable solution


Cattle and buffalo:

Treatment of Babesiosis caused by Babesia Bigemina, Babesia Bovis and Anaplasmosis caused by Anaplasma Marginale.


Treatment of Babesiosis caused by Babesia Caballi and Babesia Equi.


Treatment of clinical sign of Babesiosis and / or demonstrated babesia organisms in the blood.


Do not inject intravenously

Do not use this product simultaneously with exposure to cholinesterase-inhibiting drugs, pesticides, or chemicals.

Pregnancy & Lactation

This drug should not be used for lactating animals

Mechanism of Action

May interfere with polyamine synthesis and function leading to an alteration in morphology.

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